Great Events Catering – when the food and drink make the event 

Great Events Catering is the exclusive supplier of all food and drink at Scandinavian XPO. Its standout kitchen is inspired by nature. Food is prepared from scratch using the best natural ingredients, often Swedish, preferably locally produced, and without unnecessary additives. All for the taste and the experience. The kitchen team works with seasonal ingredients to create delicious, appealing dishes with finesse. Sit-down dinners, finger buffets, breakfast meetings, drinks receptions with canapés, morning coffee: whatever the occasion, Great Events Catering works on the principle that the food is as important as the meeting. 

Workman Event – everything for a memorable event

Our close collaboration with Workman Event, supplier of all-in-one solutions, means we are positioned to create events that are logistically feasible, effective, and memorable. Together, we aim to meet, and preferably exceed, our clients’ expectations, requirements, and wishes. Workman Event brings its solution-oriented approach and detailed knowledge to events, trade fairs, and productions. Its permanent presence at Scandinavian XPO and thorough knowledge of all the venues is an unbeatable combination. In addition to construction, design, and rental services, Workman Event is also Scandinavian XPO’s technical services supplier, covering health and safety such as electrical wiring, water supply, suspension equipment, and any vehicles driven inside the venues. 

Tarantsec – authorised event security company for everyone’s safety

Safety and security are of the utmost importance to us. Working with the security company Tarantsec prioritises that security mindset, including in  consultation with event organisers. For the best, safest visitor experience at every event, security is planned in close cooperation between Scandinavian XPO,  the organiser, and Tarantsec. When organising an event at Scandinavian XPO, you will have access to detailed, solution-oriented guidance. Tarantsec is a registered security company, founded in 2005 to have a special focus on concert and event security. 

Coor creates the best work environments in the Nordic region – happy, healthy, and prosperous

As a leading provider of facility management services, primarily focused on complex, integrated facility management, Coor is an obvious Scandinavian XPO partner. Coor’s expertise in facility services contributes to our guests’ security and well-being. We value the flexibility on offer in view of the variation in event designs, scope, and visitor footfall. Our shared goal is a thriving, efficiently run, adaptable environment, appreciated by both organisers and visitors.