Know before you go

The easiest ways to get to Scandinavian XPO?

Our address is Cederströms Slinga 3. Here you can find the easiest ways to reach us.

Car parking at Scandinavian XPO?

There is a car park at Scandinavian XPO with approximately 1,000 parking spaces, with some 50 charge points or EVSE. There are parking options both indoors and outdoors. Both Scandinavian XPO and the adjacent hotel Quality Hotel Arlanda XPO have parking garages. There are several other car parks across Explore Arlandastad with plenty of parking spaces. For paid parking, pay at a parking machine using a credit or debit card or use the parking apps APCOA FLOW or EasyPark.

Where is the nearest hotel?

There is a 500-room hotel in the Scandinavian XPO building and plenty of accommodation options within a few minutes’ distance. Have a look at the full range of accommodation options.

How accessible is Scandinavian XPO?

There are lifts to the conference zone. All entry points are accessible entrances for mobility impaired people including wheelchair users. There are accessible toilets on all floors.

Is there event security?

Scandinavian XPO has a contracted provider of event security and dedicated staff with local expertise and a detailed knowledge of the property and its physical security measures and routines.

Are pets welcome at Scandinavian XPO?

Animals are not allowed in the building. We make an exception for certified guide dogs and service dogs.

During your visit

Are there cloakroom facilities and left luggage?

The event organiser is responsible for arranging cloakroom facilities and left luggage.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is only allowed outside in a designated smoking area. We ask that you show consideration and do not smoke at or in entrances to the building.

What food and drink is available?

Whatever the event, there will be food and drink available in some form. At Scandinavian XPO, Great Events Catering supplies the food and beverages requested by the event organiser. An innovative approach and sustainable, locally produced food await you.

What services are available nearby?

In the same building complex there is a hotel and long-stay accommodation, restaurants, a cinema shooting range, a golf studio, a hairdresser, and a medical practice, and new services are being added all the time. Scandinavian XPO is part of Explore Arlandastad and all its local services are within easy reach.

After your visit

Who can help me find lost property?

Email and describe the missing item and we will get back to you. If you have forgotten something at your hotel, contact the hotel direct.

Other questions or comments?

If you have any questions or comments during your visit, please speak to a member of staff in the first instance. If there is something you would like to share with us after your visit, please email us at

Have you been inspired to arrange your own event after a visit to Scandinavian XPO?

Congratulations on an excellent choice! You are welcome to contact us with your booking inquiry.