An unbeatable location, easily accessible from the E4 motorway, midway between Stockholm and Uppsala, and Stockholm Arlanda Airport just minutes away. Seamless logistics in combination with three large exhibition halls, a variety of flexible meeting spaces and conference rooms, ample parking, and a great range of hotels and services. Suitable for hosting up to 8,400 guests, Scandinavian XPO welcomes bookings for all sorts of events from conventions, trade fairs, and meetings to galas, sporting events, and theatrical performances. Where Scandinavia meets – a destination that delivers and an event venue that excels. 

Main entrance 

Scandinavian XPO’s main entrance – your guests’ first impression – is carefully designed to be both impressive and inviting guests and visitors can be greeted and then ushered straight into the halls, lounges, and conference rooms. Adding to that first impression is the grand wooden staircase leading up to the conference area, an ideal place for impromptu conversations and socialising during breaks. The spacious main entrance is perfect for imaginative activations and installations. With fully controllable lighting, organisers have a free hand to use the intensity and hue of the light to vary the mood from morning and afternoon to evening. 

Carefully designed entrance to be both impressive, inviting and functional

Hall 1

Hall 1 is the venue for all kinds of events. Built to be a spacious, creative space, it is suitable for everything from fairs and meetings to galas, concerts, and sporting events. Its high ceilings and large floor area are open to creative layouts and decor. It can also be divided into a large hall with several smaller breakout rooms. Hall 1’s functionality also makes it possible to quickly and smoothly transform it from a cinema layout to a banquet layout.
Technically, the venue is optimized for sound and logistics, with acoustic fabrics throughout, ten-metre ceiling heights, ample lounge areas on two levels, robust roof trusses, and large cargo doors. Hall 1 is our Blackbox! 

A spacious, creative space

Hall 1 in brief

4.8 m door clearance 
10 m ceilings 
Fabric-clad walls 
Built-in lighting controlled by tablet 
Soundproof moveable walls divide hall into three, each approx. 550 sqm. 

Hall 2 

Hall 2 is between the two large halls (Hall 1 and Hall 3).With approx. 530 sqm of floor space, Hall 2 is a relaxed space for people to meet, ideal for mingling, lunch, and breakouts. Its proportions and lower ceilings give an innate feeling of calm and familiarity, and the hall can easily be arranged to suit the organiser’s vision and message. Easy movement between Hall 2 and the two larger halls is ensured by broad access pathways when booking the entire facility. For galas with 1,500–3,000 guests, Hall 2 can be used as a catering kitchen.

Hall 2 in brief

530 sqm 
Extendable into Hall 1 and Hall 3 for access and integration 
Built-in lighting with tablet controls 
Dimmable spotlights 
Bright fabrics throughout 

Hall 3 

With its rectangular floor space and various entry point options, the Hall 3 experience is easily customised. It can be combined and integrated with Scandinavian XPO’s foyers and the adjacent Quality Hotel Arlanda XPO’s social spaces to create exciting visitor flows. With slightly lower ceilings than Hall 1, it is suitable for fairs and exhibitions, and can be optimised for activities and a throughflow of visitors. Soundproof moveable walls make for easy partitioning, and this venue has immediate access to our restaurant kitchens. 

Soundproof moveable walls in Hall 3 make for easy partitioning

Hall 3 in brief

Can be divided in two with soundproof moveable walls 
Built-in lighting with tablet controls 
Many entry points make possible different visitor flows and uses 
Natural light from well-placed windows 


A dramatic setting, a view to spark new insights or inspire a quiet, exclusive dinner – all framed by the bright lights and action of the airport. When a meeting or conference calls for discreet privacy and exclusivity, our Skybox is the natural choice. As a venue it can be adapted to cater to your needs, wishes, and creative ambitions. 

Intimate and special - welcome to our Skybox

Conference rooms and meeting rooms 

All the conference zones at Scandinavian XPO are carefully designed for the fullest functional and flexible use. With every technical convenience, each zone is furnished in a timeless, classic style to encourage dialogue, socialising, and creativity. Each has spacious social areas, so programme breaks and the beginning and end of the day are perfect opportunities for natural, spontaneous encounters. We have fifteen meeting rooms ranging from 11 sqm to 32 sqm, several of which can easily be divided or run together, along with two larger meeting rooms. Our well-designed conference rooms are adjacent to the main event halls – several meeting rooms overlook the halls – guaranteeing a complete experience for events which have booked the entire arena. As the place where Scandinavia meets, our meeting rooms are named for Nordic animals. 

We are looking forward to your booking inquiry for Scandinavian XPO – the place where Scandinavia meets! 

Spacious social areas
As the place where Scandinavia meets, our meeting rooms are named for Nordic animals
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Examples of various seatings and possibilities

At Scandinavian XPO, there are many opportunities to adjust and adapt the venue during events. Our sketches show just a couple of examples!

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