Betting on an unbeatable location

A new build is an opportunity to do the right thing, from the ground up – and in the right place. Scandinavian XPO was designed from the start to be the place where Scandinavia meets, with a meticulously chosen geographical location. A location that guaranteed the best possible logistics for organisers, exhibitors, and suppliers. A location which visitors can easily reach, wherever they are from, and convenient to stay whatever their budget.

Never before have visitors from all the Scandinavian capitals been only one hour from a Swedish events arena. It takes only minutes to reach Scandinavian XPO from Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s arrivals halls. Located on the E4 motorway, Stockholm and Uppsala are only 20 minutes away.

Scandinavian XPO’s accessibility, proximity, and location are all part of the experience and key to its success.

A destination with services and synergies

Scandinavian XPO is in Explore Arlandastad, midway between Stockholm and Uppsala, and a key hub for people, innovative industries, and companies. An expansive, 290-hectare development close to an international airport, it is owned by Arlandastad Group. Alongside Scandinavian XPO, there are other conceptual platforms which have been developed, established, and launched here. Each of them accommodates a range of ventures and services, which all add to the overall visitor experience.

In the same building complex as Scandinavian XPO there is a hotel, lounges, co-working spaces, restaurants, a doctor’s office, a golf studio, and more that offer guests that bit more. There are plenty of options for overnight stays too: within a 10-minute radius there are tens of thousands of hotel beds.

Welcome to Scandinavian XPO, where investment, context, and an unbeatable location come together to make a winning experience!

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