At Scandinavian XPO, every booking will become a customised arrangement that meets the event organiser’s expectations. The challenging art of bringing together design, security, and logistics to deliver a final result that makes a lasting impression is one we are happy to accept. 

– It’s about looking at ideas from every angle, developing and exploring. This holistic approach is an advantage when looking for a new, better vision, says Linus Lundin. 

A member of Workman Event staff, Linus is seconded to Scandinavian XPO. In addition to construction, design, and rental services, Workman Event is also Scandinavian XPO’s technical services supplier, covering health and safety such as electrical wiring, water supply, suspension equipment, and any vehicles driven inside the venues.  

In addition to their ongoing responsibilities, Linus and his colleagues design technical installations and layout and help with quality assurance of external supplier’s designs. Their planning has a long horizon, the goals being effective final delivery and successful events, along with a willingness to fine-tune things 

– We always anticipate changes, because we know from experience that unexpected things can happen, even during implementation. The whole team here is solution-minded. It’s about expecting the unexpected, says Linus, who appreciates how the team’s skills complement one another. 

Knowing Scandinavian XPO down to the smallest detail is key for any production’s end result. Whether it is the exact positions of pillars and entry points, the effect of the existing acoustic materials and curtains, or the height to have a stage for as many people as possible to see. 

Five advantages of Scandinavian XPO, according to Workman Event 


‘A large cargo zone where HGVs can turn easily and with direct access to the exhibition halls for ease of loading and unloading. Near the entry points the cargo zone is roofed and when the weather is bad the ground is heated. That and the junction with the E4 motorway means Scandinavian XPO is simple, quick, and convenient to reach.’ 


‘There’s a big difference between an events venue where lighting was planned as part of the experience from the start and one where it wasn’t. Scandinavian XPO, for example, has LED lighting that can be controlled individually and adapted in various ways to achieve the effect and mood organisers want.’ 


The exhibition halls are fairly different and thus meet different needs. At the same time, they are sufficiently flexible to be adapted to different purposes.’ 


Scandinavian XPO really has put together a team that collaborates on every point at all levels. The whole production, from the first ideas and drafts.’ 


‘Scandinavian XPO means an opportunity to work on all kinds of events, trade fairs, meetings and conferences. The sheer variety means we are constantly evolving, not stuck in predictable routines.’