The focus is commercial traffic between Arlandastad and Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Anna Stenströmer, Head of Sustainability at Arlandastad Group, says that once they have ensured the details are correct the project will move on to the test stage. 

The ambition is to put in place a sustainable transport solution that of course benefits  companies and individuals in the area, but society too. The project is a first step towards the full-scale introduction of autonomous buses in Sweden. 

‘It feels amazing to be collaborating with several strong international players who share our passion for contributing to the sustainable development of society. It is a mature technology, and everyone can see the need for local transport in the Arlanda area,’ says Anna Stenströmer. 

Key to developing sustainable, attractive destinations 

The full-size autonomous buses in Explore Arlandastad and the Arlanda area can drive at the same speeds as other vehicles on the route and can operate round the clock. Self-driving buses have many advantages, says Anna Stenströmer, mentioning better road safety and the energy savings to be had from more efficient driving. 

‘The buses are going to be an important part of our efforts to build sustainable, attractive destinations. As well as better access to and from the area, it will mean more people can move about in a sustainable way. 

The project has funding from Vinnova and is managed by RISE together with Arlandastad Group, Vy, Adastec, and Applied Autonomy. 

More about the project at Explore Arlandastad (in Swedish)