‘EU politicians are met in the main foyer by a stunningly unique installation made from Swedish glulam. Our location, being easily accessible for both organisers and visitors, means we can create a complete experience that keeps pace with visitors. From the moment they arrive at the main entrance to the exhibition halls and meeting rooms. We have the space, the technology, everything we need to create experiences with a clear shared theme’, says Anna Bauer, CEO of Scandinavian XPO.

The forestry industry has been quick to grasp the potential of creating a complete experience at Scandinavian XPO. In addition to an indoor exhibition, it is concentrating on welcoming visitors as soon as they arrived. All the pillars have light installations with LED tickers to create an impressionistic effect of the Northern Lights. Fitting, because the aurora is part of Scandinavian XPO’s graphic profile, interior design, and exterior lighting. With its bold installation, Sweden’s forestry industry – and especially glulam – takes pride of place.

The showcasing of creative installations inside and out adds to the completeness of the experience for those attending the ministerial meetings.

‘It is fantastic to see the care that has gone into maximising the whole events arena. The meetings held here were put in a clear, effective setting. Our team, our events arena, are underscoring what great opportunities there are here, whether it’s furnishing the events venues or rearranging them so easily to cater for a wide variety of meetings and events,’ says Anna Bauer.

Focusing on Swedish nature

There’s a focus on Sweden’s nature at Scandinavian XPO. A mirror forest gives visitors a sense of what it is like to walk into a vast Swedish forest. An exhibition about rewilding wetlands presents the important work of creating better conditions for biological diversity and carbon sequestration in forests in particular. We’re also talking about Swedish forestry and nature conservation in general. One of the world’s tallest wooden buildings, Skellefteå’s Sara Kulturhus, is included in the Swedish Forest Industries’ exhibition marking the Swedish presidency.

The images are taken from the Swedish Forest Industries’ exhibition
The images are taken from the Swedish Forest Industries’ exhibition

Sweden’s presidency of the Council of the European Union

From 1 January to 30 June 2023, Sweden holds the presidency of the Council of the EU. That means that for six months Sweden plans and leads the work of the Council of Ministers and represents the Council in its relations with the other EU institutions. Find out more about what conferences, meetings, and workshops are planned at Sweden’s presidency website. The images are taken from the Swedish Forest Industries’ exhibition, which also has films shown at Scandinavian XPO. Photos by Ola Bringle .