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  • All materials, colors and adhesives have been examined in detail.
  • We have designed the air treatment installations so that the indoor air is free of pollution.
  • Building materials have been procured responsibly, to reduce environmental impact and the negative socio-economic impact.
  • All wood is marked with its origen.
  • Energy consumption is 25% lower than government requirements and the building uses only energy from green sources.
  • We protect our water by installing water-efficient fossets, WCs and showers.
  • The lighting is designed to provide maximum visual comfort. It is zoned and adapted to the character of each room and the activities which will take place there.
  • All operational waste is sorted at the facilities and transported for recycling.
  • We have simulated the thermal climate and will monitor how guests experience the building.
  • The building is designed to provide good acoustic comfort. We have chosen to adhere to a sound Class that is stricter than regulatory requirements.
  • The installations are connected to the building's overall control and monitoring-system to allow us to be able to follow up and operate the building in an efficient and good way.
  • During the construction phase, we recycle as much of the used material as possible. Remaining waste is sorted for recycling.
  • We ensure a safe workplace that protects the well-being of the contractor's, the employees and neighbors.


We make an active choice to attempt as far as possible to choose eco-labelled goods, services and logistics in our attempt to save the impact on our environment. We make demands on our suppliers even if it sometimes means that we are seen as complicated. We do this because we want to be part of and drive the development forward towards a sustainable society.

We are proud to make all foodpossible from scratch, without unnecessary additives, as we believe this makes our food both better and healthier. For example, we cook our own vegetarian halloumi burgers, make our own broths, and bake our own cakes.


  • An important part of our environmental work is to set clear and realistic environmental goals. We want the goals to be achievable but still make a significant difference. Today, about 20 percent of the raw materials we buy are organic, ie KRAV-approved foods. For a business of our size and with the quantity of raw materials we sell, even the smallest percentages make a differance. By renewing and expanding our KRAV-certified raw materials and clarifying our purchasing policy, we can keep improving each year. We are constantly working to become better in all these areas.
  • Transport - During investigation - we aim for electric buses.


This page will be updated as our work within sustainability progresses.