At the main entrance of our venue sits the newly renovated Quality Hotel Arlanda XPO offering comfortable accommodation and flexible conference facilities directly adjacent to Scandinavian XPO. The hotel features a restaurant, a bar, parking and airport transfer.

The hotel opens in November 2020 after a major renovation as well as a build-out. With 419 rooms under the same roof as Scandinavian XPO, guests do not have to leave the premises to get to the event areas.

Besides the Quality Airport Hotel in the same building as SXPO, Nordic Choice offers an additional 933 rooms in the area close to Arlanda Airport.

There is a lot of hotels in the area of Arlanda that it is really easy to reach:

Quality Hotel Arlanda XPO, First Hotel and Connect is within walking distance. And Comfort, Clarion Arlanda and Radisson takes three minutes by bus.